Welcome To Berry’s Synthetic Urine Reviews! Berry was a dumbass and let his domain expire, so now this is Clean 420’s Synthetic Urine Reviews.

Here at Synthetic Urine Reviews, we are dedicated to providing you with the best well…synthetic urine reviews! If you have to pass that drug test but just can’t seem to figure out a way. If you’ve smoked too much, too recently, or if you didn’t know you were going to be having a test coming soon, you’re in the right place.

Synthetic urine is the ultimate tool for passing a drug test if you still have drugs in your system. But some synthetic urine out there actually doesn’t work. It doesn’t register as human urine because of the way the powdered urine is mixed with water. So what our synthetic urine reviews are going to do is tell you which powdered urine products actually work for passing drug tests. All types of drug test.

Synthetic Urine Reviews


We want you to pass your test. We want you to use the synthetic urine that is going to work. We want you to maintain your privacy and you’re right to ingest whatever you want to. And that’s why we wrote these synthetic urine reviews.

The Best Synthetic Urine Reviews


The best synthetic urine reviews helps you to find the best powdered urine source online. So with that, let me tell you about the best powdered urine the staff here at Synthetic Urine Reviews has ever used.

It’s from a brand called Test Clear, and it is ACTUAL HUMAN URINE. That’s right, they take real human urine and add it to their collection. Then they put it all in a huge dehydrator that turns it into tons and tons of powder. They then package up this powder and sell it to us to pass our drug tests.

I’m thankful for this brand because they do the whole process for me. Sure, I could get the tools to do a full urine dehydration and then save that urine for later, but why when I can just buy it cheap from Test Clear?

Thanks for stopping by Synthetic Urine Reviews and we really hope you pass your test!