Agent X Synthetic Urine Review

Agent X Synthetic Urine Review

Dr. Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine

So, drug test coming up ey? I guess you are putting all of your faith to pass your drug test in a synthetic urine?

Well if you that may be the case, then beware because not all synthetic urine is created equal. I highly suggest you read the following review of Agent X Synthetic


A good friend of mine lost his job a little over three months ago after trusting Agent X Synthetic Urine. It was a government job with benefits, three weeks vacation. You know the typical government benefit package. Worst part, when you get fired from a government job for failing a drug test, you get placed on a list. He’s not blacklisted from any government job.

He hasn’t even applied for another job since then. He spends most of his days sitting depressed at the house as he slowly loses everything  he’s got. Sad part, I warned him that Agent X sucked! It was cheaper and he made the comment “piss is piss”..

Well, obviously that is not the case at all….

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So i can’t stress this enough. If you wish to land a job that you will be satisfied with, more than likely, you will have to pass a drug test. So when you happen to run across the job you truly desire, if you know you will not pass the drug test, then I highly suggest that you take my advice and invest into a high quality synthetic urine that truly works.


While you may find Agent X locally at your nearby headshop, I wouldn’t pay .02 for that shit. If you decide to gamble on it, please come back and report your results either way.

So, What is the Best Synthetic Urine To Pass a Drug Test?


I know you see people raving about successfully passing their drug test using various brands of synthetic urine. Why am I telling you that  product that has decent reviews is trash? How did it get the good reviews?

Simply, Dr. Green with Agent X is paying affiliates to leave reviews when they have not ever even purchased this junk. It’s great if you want it to piss on your partner. That’s all that mess is good for. A lot of people purchase synthetic urine for this reason too. So, it has it’s purpose, however to pass a drug test is not one of those.