Do You Want To Pass Your Drug Test? Here’s How!



If you know that drug testing will happen weeks from now, and you know that you have taken the illicit drug for just the fun of it, read this article. What you need to do is to know some steps on how to pass a drug test, so you will not have to worry about losing your job, or be forced to drop out from school.

Drugs of all kinds can be detected through the urine, blood, hair, and more. Drug testing is normally conducted at a random order, where individuals will be chosen randomly. If you are in doubt, do not take chances, and make sure to cleanse your system. The way on how to pass a drug test is actually easy, especially if you were able to prepare for it for quite some time.

Follow the different tips I have for you below, on how to pass a drug test using the techniques.

  1. DO NOT MASK YOUR URINE. This is one of the common mistakes of people who are scheduled to take the drug test. Urine masking products are sold in the market today, in order to mask whatever drug content you have in your urine, so you will have a negative result. If you think you are smart in using these products, think again! Drug testing kits are smarter, because they are now made in order to detect masked urine, and using this, will just result in a positive result 100%.

  2. Diluting your urine can also be one way in order to pass your drug test. Adding warm water to your urine can save you from being caught, but again, there is no guarantee. In addition, this can be very challenging, because most testing centers will often ask you to pee in a toilet where you cannot close the door, or a portable toilet without sink or water resource.

  3. Synthetic Urine can also be bought in smoke shops, where its contents are very similar to the contents and properties of real urine. Then again, substituting your real urine with synthetic urine can be challenging, as there will be eyes looking at you, at the time you are collecting your sample. However, there are people who can get away with it

These are the different ways on how to pass a drug test. Good luck!

The Best Way To Pass A Drug Test Using Urine

When applying for any type of job, expect that part of your requirements will always include a urine drug test. This test is used in order to see whether the person has history of drug use, because drug contents will be seen and detected through your urine sample, even if the drugs were taken during the past days or weeks.

Anyone who has a positive urine drug test will not be accepted for the job, and worse, will be reprimanded accordingly. Individuals with false positive result can still request for a second take, but most employers will not be open to the idea of spending more time on you, especially when more applicants are on line, applying for the same position as you.

Here, we are going to list down some of the best tips in order to pass a urine drug test with ease, and hold that dream job you have always been wanting to have.

Tip #1 – Never put your faith on products that can clean your urine. Aside from the fact that they do not work, or their reliability is a 50-50 chance, people who are conducting drug tests are completely aware from this already, and kits for testing has been modified to detect substances found in most of the chemicals that are supposed to clean your urine. These products normally come in tablets or juices. Read reviews about these products for cleaning your urine, and see how much chance you have, based on consumer reviews.

Tip #2 – Borrowing clean or drug free urine from someone you know can also be helpful, since you can be 100% sure of getting a negative drug test result. However, the only thing that you might be challenged with, is the facility where the urine or drug test will be conducted. Most often than not, facilities will have tight security, and people will be watching as you collect your urine for sampling. But the best way to go is with TestClear synthetic urine. You really can’t go wrong because it’s real human urine!

Tip #3 – If you know that you have taken the drugs within the past month, try to delay your job application. Timing is actually the key. The drug content will subside in time, and if you can wait, you will not have any problem using your own urine for testing.

These are the best ways to pass drug test using urine. Remember to keep them in mind, especially when applying for a job, so you can be sure of being accepted for the position without any hassle.

How To Keep Urine Warm for a Drug Test

Keep Synthetic Urine Warm For a Drug Test Here is How


If you’ve ever had to pass a drug test and were absolutely positive
that could never happen, you’ve probably wondered if there was a way
to cheat the screening. Along with asking friends or others about
their knowledge on the subject, you were most likely led to doing some
amount of research online. Although there are a myriad of different
and unusual products out there to choose from, it doesn’t take too
much looking around to conclude that synthetic urine is probably your
best bet for dependability.

Follow Directions

The instructions that accompany most synthetic urine products are
actually quite simple and they don’t require any difficult steps.
In fact, you will learn that the most important thing you will be
required to do, is keep the temperature of the sample just right.
It is very important to know that the reason the temperature is so
critical is because it is the very first thing the lab technician
will look at to verify that the specimen hasn’t been tampered with.
The cup they give you to provide your sample will have a thermometer
built right into it. If the specimen is not within the range of 94-100
degrees, it will automatically be considered a failure.

Tips For Using Synthetic Urine

While you will most likely receive instructions with the sample you
purchase, you can use the following tips as a simple guideline. Using
any of these methods will help ensure that the sample you give the lab
technician will be within test specifications.

1. Using Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are small packets that produce heat on demand. They are
typically disposable and emit heat anywhere from 1 to 10 hours. You
can buy them at any department or hardware store. A lot of times you
can even find them in convenient stores, particularly during the cold
season. You’ll obviously want to find the ones that will last long
enough to heat your sample of synthetic urine up to the time of your

Wrap the hand warmer around the container you have the sample in and
use one or two elastic bands to attach and secure it. You will need to
test the temperature of the sample several times before you provide
it. Test it immediately before your leave for your test to make sure
it is within the required temperature range.

(Note: Most products will include a temperature strip. If not, you’ll
have to purchase one separately. Either way, knowing the temperature
of your sample is absolutely critical to assuring your success. So
make sure you have a dependable way to test this. A temperature strip
is your best bet. These can be purchased at any pharmacy if needed. )

2. Use Your Own Body Heat

You can use your own body heat to ensure that your fake urine will
be the right temperature when you go in for your drug test. The body
works great as a natural warmer. The sample will most likely come
either in a small plastic bottle or a small plastic bag. And you might
find that taping it to your body will make it more secure.

Choosing which part of your body will work best actually depends
on whether you are male or female. Most males find that keeping it
anywhere close to their nut sac is usually best. Whether it is kept
right below the sac or just under it should work fine as long as
you have a nice and tight pair of briefs on. If you do choose this
location, however, I would certainly suggest not using the tape, for
obvious reasons.

Now, most women prefer the same part of their body that men do.
However many of them actually end up putting on two pairs of panties
and either putting the sample right between her V-jay and first
panties or putting it between the two panties. Both techniques usually
work just fine.

3. Using the Microwave

Finally you can put your synthetic urine in the microwave for 10
seconds, making sure to shake it well when it comes out. Get your
temperature strip to make sure that it is right. Make whatever changes
you need to if you accidently got it too hot.

Hopefully some people will be able to find these helpful hints just in
time to make a difference in a upcoming drug test. Good luck!

My Story of Using Synthetic Urine

Before I started helping people pass drug tests and writing online, I was a cart pusher at Wal-Mart. It was absolutely demeaning and horrible. And the worst part was, I had to use synthetic urine just to get the job! I knew I would have ot drug test, so I bought some TestClear Synthetic Urine. I didn’t go with Quick Fix or any other brand because most employer drug tests use a legitimate laboratory for testing and you absolutely need real human urine to pass those. However, the great thing about employment drug tests, unlike probation drug tests, is that they CANNOT watch you as you go. They have to shut the door. That makes sneaking it in really, really easy.

Anyway, I was still really nervous as the lab woman tested my urine. Was it the right temperature? Would synthetic urine really work? Well, unfortunately, it did and I started work at Wal-Mart. That’s my experience with using synthetic urine to pass employment drug tests.


But, I’ve also had my run-ins with American law enforcemen as well!

I will admit to you guys that I was busted for smoking marijuana 3 summers ago in 2011. Me and 3 of my friends were sitting in a car smoking with a vaporizer at the local park. We had a power inverter and everything…basically just a bunch of dumb young adults smoking in public in the most obvious way. Anyway, we got busted by the police and were put on probation.

After being put on probation, I realized how ridiculous our system really was. People have such a hard time understanding why marijuana isn’t legal, but it was really clear to me. The government stole $2,000 from me in fines and their drug testing facility took me for $12 twice a week for my drops. They are making huge profit off of busting stoners. This pissed me off to no end and continues to piss me off.

I started a Facebook page (it’s called ‘Legalize Weed, Outlaw Corporate Greed’) about this issue, but I also took matters into my own hands and decided to keep smoking through my probation anyway.

I was lucky in that the drug testing agency I went to allowed me to shut the door. So it was really easy to sneak in the TestClear synthetic urine and put it in the cup. Most people aren’t so lucky. So basically if you’re on probation and want to continue using drugs of any kind, you have two options. You can either practice a million times and perfect your sleight of hand – and you have to be PERFECT because if the drug test attendants catch you you’re in big trouble. The other option is to get this product called the Pissinator. It’s basically a knock-off of the famous Whizzinator. You can get it at

Bu tthe main thing you have to remember if you’re on probation, is that you NEED TestClear synthetic urine. It truly is the only form of synthetic urine that isn’t really synthetic. It’s real powdered human urine. I have chatted with the owner of TestClear a few times and he actually buys the powdered urine from a medical clinic.

So yeah, this is basically how I became so interested in synthetic urine. I’ve used it in multiple situations at least 30 times. Basically I just wantted to tell my story to anyone else that is considering using it. It really does work, but you have to know and understand the specific situation you’re in to use it correctly.

Good luck and happy smoking!

Agent X Synthetic Urine Review

Do you have a drug test coming up? Are you putting all your faith to pass that drug test in a synthetic
urine product? If you are, BEWARE of Agent X Synthetic Urine! Read the story below to find out more.

I lost my job a little less than a year ago. It was a good job and I had been a good, dependable employee
for almost five years. I’ve been looking for a new job since the day I lost the last one. It has been hard
and frustrating. I can’t tell you how many jobs I didn’t even apply for because they required a drug test
and I knew I wouldn’t pass.

Finally, I came to the realization that in order to land any job that I would be satisfied with, I would have
to take a drug test. I ran across the perfect job a few weeks ago and they did want me to pass a pre-
employment drug screening. I was getting tired of passing these opportunities up.

I have heard a lot about people having some success with using synthetic urine to pass these urine
tests. So I went to my local head shop and asked them about it. They recommended a couple different
products and I finally decided to buy one called Agent X.

I bought the package about a week and a half before I was supposed to go in for the test, so I had plenty
of time to open it and read all the instructions and get ready for the day of the test. It was not too
hard, everything was very straight forward and easy and I had plenty of time before the test that I read
through everything a couple different times.

The day of the test, I got the sample ready, making sure the temperature was just right. When I left for
the lab, I attached the heating pad and stuck it in my underwear. When I actually got into the bathroom
at the lab, I rechecked the temp and made sure it was still within range, which it was. I gave them a
sample of about 2 ounces and left feeling such a relief that I had not gotten caught! Whew!

Well, my excitement was short-lived, as I found out about week later that I had failed my test! I can’t
explain how upset I have been! I’ve been back to the head shop, he says he can’t understand what could
have gone wrong. I figure the only thing I can do about it, is to warn others by sharing my story.

So if you have a drug test coming up and you’re considering using synthetic urine, PLEASE beware of
Agent X!