Tinkle Synthetic Urine Review


It caused me to fail my drug test that was for an extremely important job. Now I’m stuck here still working at this drug testing agency. I read other reviews that said this stuff worked, and I wanted to save money. I figured it would work the same as Quick Fix or TestClear (perfectly), but it did not at all.

They sent my specimen to the lab and found that it was fake really easily apparently. I never heard back from that employer again.

I’m pretty sure that Tinkle doesn’t use Uric Acid, so it clearly shows up as fake synthetic urine. It’s a bogus product and please don’t use it!!


Use TestClear instead

TestClear uses real human urine! That’s right, it’s dehydrated human urine that they sell to us in vials. Just mix with water and you’re ready to go! Because it’s actually dehydrated human urine, you can be sure it will have the right amounts of uric acid and creatine in it. It IS human, so it shows up as human. Simple as that. Plus, it’s only $46.95 for multiple drug test’s worth of the product.The Powdered Urine Kit - #1 Solution for a Job Test


Quick Fix Reviews



A few years ago, I was applying for a job at a window company near where I lived. I had been working minimum wage jobs my whole life and this was my first chance at a cushy office job. I was interviewed for a job in their ordering department, and I was beyond psyched. But then, they mentioned that I would have to pass a drug screening to get the job. So basically, I had the job and all I had to do was pass the drug screen.

However, I will admit to you that I am a marijuana smoker. And I believe that people like me should be judge by their work rather than what they do on their own time, and this is exactly the reason I started this website. Synthetic urine is the best way to fight an unfair system that discriminates against hard-working marijuana users.

Quick Fix SYnthetic Urine ReviewAnyway, the only brand of synthetic urine that I knew of at the time was Quick Fix. There are few stoners who haven’t heard of . They have intense marketing campaigns to get the name out about their brand. So naturally, I ordered one pack and figured it would be enough to pass my drug test and get the job. Unfortunately, it was not.

I went into the drug testing lab where the company sent me, and I poured the Quick Fix synthetic urine into the cup instead of my own. I handed it to the woman working and skipped out of there, thinking I had done it. But alas, a week later and I hadn’t heard from the company. I called them to ask what was going on and they told me I had failed the drug screen. How could that have happened?


Well, it turns out that drug testing labs have gotten a lot smarter over the years. Quick Fix may have worked in the past, and that’s probably why it’s so famous, but it certainly doesn’t work now. They have very advanced laboratory testing equipment, they aren’t just using home drug tests that you can buy at the drug store like the old days.


Quick Fix CAN pass the labs test for creatine and pH levels, however it cannot pass the specific gravity test. However, the main failure of Quick Fix is that it doesn’t foam when shaken. The lab doesn’t even have to test the urine because they can tell by a visual inspection! It’s funny how they have all of this high-tech equipment but all they needed to do was actually look at the stuff.


Anyway, I would NOT advise going with Quick Fix to pass your drug test, it just doesn’t work in 2013. I would advise going with TestClear synthetic urine. It’s actually real human urine that the owner buys from a medical lab. It foams when shaken, has the proper creatine and pH levels, and the correct specific gravity.


I am happy to announce that I was able to find another job within a few months of getting denied the job at the window place, and I passed the drug test using TestClear’s product.Trusted Synthetic Urine

TestClear Synthetic Urine Reviews

Thanks for checking out this site. My name is Berry and I’m a bit of a drug test expert. For this website, I spent hours upon hours researching other people’s stories about synthetic urine. I compiled lists of all the brands that have known to fail the final lab test and come back marked as a fake sample. The sad truth is, almost every brand out there is shown to fail today’s lab’s test. If you’re going to dupe the testers, you need a real human specimen. It’s simple as that.

That’s where TestClear Powdered Human Urine comes in. This brands number one on our list because it’s the only onethat is actually real human urine. I’m not joking with you, it really is! They take a ton of human urine and dehydrate it in a huge dehydrator, which turns it into a fine powder. They then package this fine powder in vials and sell it to us. But the thing is, I don’t mind that they’re making a profit on it! Because they are the only place that will go through the painstaking process of dehydrating urine and sell it for so cheap!

Seriously, it’s only a little bit over $40 and you are guaranteed to pass your test! If you go with any other brand besides TestClear, you’re really fooling yourself and will most likely fail if your specimen gets sent to the lab. I hate to sound harsh but I’ve read horror stories of people using QuickFix or some other brand on their drug test and then failing once it was sent to the lab and the lab techs could EASILY tell it wasn’t real urine.

How can they tell? Because synthetic urine doesn’t foam when shaken. But I can tell you with complete confidence that TestClear Powdered Urine foams like crazy when you mix the powdered urine with water and shake the vial that it comes with. It foams like a rabid dog, I’m telling you.

Besides passing the “foam test”, TestClear Human Urine also contains all of the ingredients that the labs test for. That means creatine and uric acid mainly. I know that most every other brand on the market has creatine, but many of them don’t have uric acid and that’s another pitfall of those brands. They might help you pass a home drug test, but then again the person giving you that test could have read about the “foam test”. They may also notice that your urine specimen looks more like lemon-lime gatorade than urine. Why take the risk?

I’ve done extensive research on TestClear Powdered Human Urine and I can say that I’ve passed every test, even a test where my specimen was sent to the lab to have an ETG! I can’t say I’ve tried the other brands on the market, but I have done my research and read enough forum threads to assure me that they will not pass the “foam test” and are often flagged as fake urine in the lab.

This product has saved a lot of pain and suffering that I otherwise would have had to go through as a result of failed drug tests. If you’re worried that an upcoming drug test could set you back a few steps in life, whether employment-wise or probation-wise, just turn to TestClear. They’ll help you out. They have a live chat feature on their website that allows you to chat with a drug test representative. Even if you’re not buying, just go on there and get some advice.

That’s all I have to say, hit the button below to head over to TestClear.com and check out their powdered human urine.