How To Keep Urine Warm for a Drug Test

Keep Synthetic Urine Warm For a Drug Test Here is How


If you’ve ever had to pass a drug test and were absolutely positive
that could never happen, you’ve probably wondered if there was a way
to cheat the screening. Along with asking friends or others about
their knowledge on the subject, you were most likely led to doing some
amount of research online. Although there are a myriad of different
and unusual products out there to choose from, it doesn’t take too
much looking around to conclude that synthetic urine is probably your
best bet for dependability.

Follow Directions

The instructions that accompany most synthetic urine products are
actually quite simple and they don’t require any difficult steps.
In fact, you will learn that the most important thing you will be
required to do, is keep the temperature of the sample just right.
It is very important to know that the reason the temperature is so
critical is because it is the very first thing the lab technician
will look at to verify that the specimen hasn’t been tampered with.
The cup they give you to provide your sample will have a thermometer
built right into it. If the specimen is not within the range of 94-100
degrees, it will automatically be considered a failure.

Tips For Using Synthetic Urine

While you will most likely receive instructions with the sample you
purchase, you can use the following tips as a simple guideline. Using
any of these methods will help ensure that the sample you give the lab
technician will be within test specifications.

1. Using Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are small packets that produce heat on demand. They are
typically disposable and emit heat anywhere from 1 to 10 hours. You
can buy them at any department or hardware store. A lot of times you
can even find them in convenient stores, particularly during the cold
season. You’ll obviously want to find the ones that will last long
enough to heat your sample of synthetic urine up to the time of your

Wrap the hand warmer around the container you have the sample in and
use one or two elastic bands to attach and secure it. You will need to
test the temperature of the sample several times before you provide
it. Test it immediately before your leave for your test to make sure
it is within the required temperature range.

(Note: Most products will include a temperature strip. If not, you’ll
have to purchase one separately. Either way, knowing the temperature
of your sample is absolutely critical to assuring your success. So
make sure you have a dependable way to test this. A temperature strip
is your best bet. These can be purchased at any pharmacy if needed. )

2. Use Your Own Body Heat

You can use your own body heat to ensure that your fake urine will
be the right temperature when you go in for your drug test. The body
works great as a natural warmer. The sample will most likely come
either in a small plastic bottle or a small plastic bag. And you might
find that taping it to your body will make it more secure.

Choosing which part of your body will work best actually depends
on whether you are male or female. Most males find that keeping it
anywhere close to their nut sac is usually best. Whether it is kept
right below the sac or just under it should work fine as long as
you have a nice and tight pair of briefs on. If you do choose this
location, however, I would certainly suggest not using the tape, for
obvious reasons.

Now, most women prefer the same part of their body that men do.
However many of them actually end up putting on two pairs of panties
and either putting the sample right between her V-jay and first
panties or putting it between the two panties. Both techniques usually
work just fine.

3. Using the Microwave

Finally you can put your synthetic urine in the microwave for 10
seconds, making sure to shake it well when it comes out. Get your
temperature strip to make sure that it is right. Make whatever changes
you need to if you accidently got it too hot.

Hopefully some people will be able to find these helpful hints just in
time to make a difference in a upcoming drug test. Good luck!