Tinkle Synthetic Urine Review


It caused me to fail my drug test that was for an extremely important job. Now I’m stuck here still working at this drug testing agency. I read other reviews that said this stuff worked, and I wanted to save money. I figured it would work the same as Quick Fix or TestClear (perfectly), but it did not at all.

They sent my specimen to the lab and found that it was fake really easily apparently. I never heard back from that employer again.

I’m pretty sure that Tinkle doesn’t use Uric Acid, so it clearly shows up as fake synthetic urine. It’s a bogus product and please don’t use it!!

Use TestClear instead

TestClear uses real huma urine! That’s right, it’s dehydrated human urine that they sell to us in vials. Just mix with water and you’re ready to go! Because it’s actually dehydrated human urine, you can be sure it will have the right amounts of uric acid and creatine in it. It IS human, so it shows up as human. Simple as that. Plus, it’s only $46.95 for multiple drug test’s worth of the product. Check it out at TestClear.com!